Waxing Services

Feel even more confident by getting beautifully smooth & hairless skin. Waxing is better than shaving by reducing ingrown hairs, deeply exfoliating the skin helping collagen production, and getting all those hard to reach places. Removing the hair by the root ensures an extended hair-free experience.

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Most Popular Waxing Services

Bikini Brazilian – $45

Remove all the hair from your pubic area (top, sides, front, and back). Take it all or leave a little it’s up to you! The wax used is gentle and leaves behind a smooth surface. The more you wax, the better it gets. Without the risk of it growing back itchy or prickly you can feel more confident in the skin you’re in. You will never resort back to shaving when you switch to waxing!

Underarms – $15

Why shave every day when you can wax and keep results for 2-4 weeks? Waxing your underarms reduces the chance of ingrown hair leaving your skin soft, smooth, and hairless. The underarms are easy to wax and you can feel confident knowing your skin will breathe easier without the excess hair and dead skin cells.

Full Legs – $65

Hate shaving your legs every other day? Then a full leg wax may be right for you! This wax will remove the hair by the root gently exfoliating the skin leaving your legs smooth, hairless, and beautiful. Your hair will grow back finer and softer, making every wax easier. Waxing eliminates the obnoxious itching or prickly hair when growing back so you can feel confident knowing it’s worth it to wax, and never shave again.

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